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September 10, 2015
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Oh, DETROIT—How I Love You


Ambra-RedrickChances are, if you’ve watched any local or national news outlets in the past three months you’ve heard something about the city of Detroit. Seldom, are the images portrayed positive, but I see Detroit differently. I see Detroit as a beautiful, positive and vibrant city and I absolutely love it.

The city of Detroit is no stranger to problems, but I am confident that as a city, we will overcome them. As businesses, communities, city leaders and individuals, we have started to come together to restore our city to its bright state—full of unlimited opportunities and hope. If you’re watching closely, you will see that there are changes being made in the city of Detroit. We are on our way to revitalization.

As a Detroiter, I see so much beauty in the struggle that we all face. Just take a look around you, in the midst of all the trouble and negativity, there are still smiling faces, budding new business ventures and individuals who care about the city and its people. How can you not love a city where you can find triumph amidst struggle? It’s such a motivating and beautiful thing to see. This is a city filled with great purpose and it’s only a matter of time before it is revealed.

While working and living in the city, I get an opportunity to see and interact with a diverse group of individuals who are not only interested in the city’s future, but people who care. We care about the people of the city, the businesses, the nonprofits and most important, all of the components, big and small, that make this city what it is—which is a city that is resilient. I will always stand strong with and for the city of Detroit—I love you Detroit, always and forever.

– With love, Ambra (Ms. Red)

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